Service apartment move

Apartment moving is the moving of your favorite and dear things to you and your family! And we understand it! That is why, to begin with, the company sends you a manager-evaluator. This service is a GIFT for you! The manager will analyze and advise on all matters of moving. It will offer a wide range of packaging material, determine the number of packers, offer a convenient furniture cart and pay attention to important details.


5 reasons why you should trust us with apartment moving:

1. Neat and attentive to details, we use packing materials for your property.

2. Services of experienced and educated porters - of appropriate quality. Truck-packers will perform not only loading and unloading work, but also dismantling or assembly of furniture of any complexity.

3. We conclude a contract that ensures the trust and responsibility of our service.

4. We carry out automobile transportation of property, both in Ukraine and abroad.

5. Affordable prices and fulfillment of orders on time.


Experience the pleasure of moving with our service! We also offer you to use the "turnkey" relocation service!

The set of works for the Apartment move may include:

• free estimate of the cost of moving;

• liability insurance;

• dismantling and packaging;

• labeling of objects;

• provision of furniture carts of the required size (cargo transportation);

• loading and unloading;

• installation and placement of furniture.